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Frequently Asked Questions About ACE Public Adjusters

What is a public adjuster?
A public adjuster is a licensed and bonded expert in the claims industry.  All adjusters at ACE Public Adjusters are licensed by the Department of Insurance to protect you, the public – not the insurance company.

Why do I need a public adjuster? 
Your insurance company hires professional adjusters to protect their interests, so why shouldn’t you?  Professional adjusters understand insurance policies and understand how much money an insurance company truly owes you for damages, which tends to be more than what they offer you as a settlement.

We handle all aspects of your claim on your behalf to maximize your claim settlement.  Our licensed field adjusters are experts in policy and estimating for reconstruction and replacement of building and household contents.  Our experience includes strong backgrounds in the insurance and construction industries for both residential and commercial properties.

Do I have to pay a fee?
There are no out of pocket expenses to hire a public adjuster.  We work off a contingency fee, which means only when we reach a settlement from the insurance company do we get paid – a percentage of the settlement that is agreed upon beforehand, so there are no surprises for you. We do not get paid unless you do; therefore, if we do not recover money for you, there is no fee!

Should I call my insurance company first?
No, always contact your public adjuster first. If a policyholder provides incorrect or incomplete answers to questions asked by the insurance company, it could reduce the amount of the claim.  Once you hire a public adjuster, we handle all aspects of the loss, including notifying your insurance company of your damages correctly so that you can receive a fair settlement based on your policy provisions.

I already called my insurance company and received an offer, is it too late to hire a public adjuster?
Not at all.  Often policyholders will try to handle a claim on their own, assuming their insurance company will fully compensate them for all damages.  It can be an overwhelming experience when the insurance company denies your claim or offers an inadequate settlement.  ACE will provide a free claim review to see if we can assist you in gaining additional money.

Why ACE?
Our goal at ACE Public Adjusters is to provide a prompt and fair settlement while relieving you of the time-consuming and difficult matters involved with filing a claim.  All of our adjusters take continuing education courses annually and are licensed and bonded. Most of our adjusters have worked for the insurance companies at some point in their career, so they have extensive knowledge of the claims process and are policy experts.  Our main concern is protecting your interests and getting you the settlement you’re entitled to.